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Name: Darren Jardel

Dear Golfer,

Are you eager to learn the ropes on golf, but just you are currently short on time and money? Maybe you know how to play golf, but your game is in need of making an improvement.

And even...

Are you having no success or have never been getting any good swing to hit on the green on your golf game?

or you just started your golf swinging game, and would like to learn how to hit on the green consistently without having to pay someone else for an expensive golf training course, then...

I know a few things in your mind...

- You want to learn how to instantly supercharge your swing so you can drive your ball forever at anytime you like...

- You want to find out how to avoid some of the most common mistakes that made by golf beginners…

- You want to be a golf fanatic even this is the first time you stepped on the green...

And the best thing is...

You get to learn everything you should know to start or improving your golf game experience in the next 5 minutes...

Keep reading on what I am about to reveal in this letter...

As you may or may not know, even the best of golfers could use a tip or two at times to improve their golf game. Tiger Woods didn’t learn how to play golf overnight. But you can learn golf in just 7 days or less by taking advantage of this one time opportunity to learn some of golf’s best kept secrets that I have compiled it together.

While the golfing frenzy keeps going to grow on each year, increasingly knowledge about golfing becomes publicly accessible.

Further, as the golfing frenzy continues to grow, more and more people are hopping on the bandwagon.

YOU could be the next Tiger Woods in the shortest time possible. All you need is a bit hard work, dedication, desire and a passion to have some fun.

There’s good news for all the wannabe golf fans out there... there is hope.


And You Don’t Have To Spend Hundreds Of Dollars On An Expensive Golf Instructor

All you do need is a little knowledge and a little information, the kind of information we are going to share with you…

Let me just share some of the "History of Golf" with you...

Whereas in times of old golf remained a male dominated sport, today almost anyone and everyone plays golf.

For centuries human beings have played golf as a way to unwind, relax and challenge themselves and nature. While golf can be competitive, it is also historically one of the more relaxing games out there.

Golf is fun, enjoyable and for many… a way of life. Good golf is only a step away. The key to good golf is learning the rules of the game, and learning how to hit and how to land that elusive hole in one.


Why Golfing Becoming An Etiquette?

Golf is a sport that requires certain etiquette on the field and off. Learn these rules ahead of time and rest assured you’ll make many friends on the green.

Most people avoid golf because they don’t want to pay lots of money for an expensive trainer. If you do hire an instructor, you’ll have to spend weeks learning how to play golf.

But there is a simpler answer. For all the beginning golfers out there, there is a new way to look at golf. It’s simple, straightforward and easy to let you learn everything you need to know about golf game that I have compiled all the secret techniques and strategies I outline into this book...


    And This Isn't Like Any Other General or Generic Book
    On Golf Beginner's Guide You Can Find Easily In Any Store..

...On the internet, or even at your local library for that matter!

This book covers everything there is to know about Golf Basics. In fact, some people have called it the "Golfing Bible"!

It's like having your very own Golfing Coach that you can refer and ask questions anytime that you need to!

You'll also be able to uncover a wide array of tips including interesting facts, secret techniques and tactics that made them what they are today!

You're going to discover so many things on how to use simple, brief and precise guidelines that will take you step-by-step to guide you swing on the green consistently! Not only will you learn all the benefits and advantages of learning how to be a golf fanatic, but you'll also learn the extra bonus tips to actually teach people.



Playing Golf For Beginners 

Our Playing Golf For Beginners EbookThe game of golf is a game of skill and endurance, but there is also a mental component to the game that can separate a successful round of golf from a nightmare. 

The ability to clearly think through each and every shot, without becoming distracted or frustrated, is critical throughout the course of a five-hour round of golf.  Most important, you have to perform self-therapy several times per round to keep your mind clear and focused.

The first, and perhaps most important thing to remember is that each shot must stand on its own.  There is nothing you can do about the last bad shot that you hit, so do not dwell on it. 

Conversely, you can’t think too many shots, or holes, ahead.  You must play with the mindset that the most important shot of your entire round is the one you are preparing to hit.

It is important not to dwell on bad shots, but you should take ownership of your mistakes.  Bad breaks can arise that are outside of your control, but you shouldn’t be upset that a ball took a bad carom off of a tree, you should accept that a good shot on your part would not have hit the tree in the first place. 

No matter where you fit there’s something for everyone.  "Playing Golf For Beginners" is a must have golf ebook that run the gambit for the novice to the average player. 

Here’s what's you'll learn in this guide:

 Get An Introduction To Playing Golf

 What Are The Rules?

 Get The Basics Of The Game – Putting And driving.

 Budgeting For Your New Hobby.

 What Equipment Should You Buy?

 Practicing Golf Etiquette.

 How To Build Confidence On Your Very First Time On A Golf Course.

 The Importance Of Having The Right Clubs…And They Don’t Have To Cost Thousands Of Dollars.

 Why Concentrating On Mechanics Can Ruin Your Game.

 The Secrets To “The Perfect Grip” – This One Visualization Can Improve Every Stroke You’ll Ever Play.

 The Importance Of Posture And Stance - What To Look For Every Time You Step Up To The Ball.

 What Having Your Feet “Shoulder-Width” Apart Really Means.

 3 Pre-Shot Things You Have To Remember - And They’re Not What You Think.

 Why The Swing Is Simply A By-Product Of This Well Known But Little Used Technique.

 The 3 Learning Styles Of Golf - How To Make Sure Your Next Instructor Uses The Right One For You.

 Why Score Really Doesn’t Matter – I Know It’s Hard To Believe But It’s True.

 Playing vs. Practice – How Much Is Enough - How Much Is Too Much?

 Does Fitness Matter?

 5 Qualities To Look For In A Great Teaching Pro.

 And The 1 Incredible Secret That Will Reveal How To Know You’re Playing Golf The Right Way.

 How To Watch The Pros On TV And Take Strokes Off Of Your Game.

 And much more!


It's All About Playing Professional Golf

Whether you are a newcomer or an average golfer once you’ve made the leap into golf you become . . . well, obsessed would be a good word!  There are a ton of ideas and theories on the game designed to improve your game.

Some of that information is good.  However, the problem is that most instruction is very difficult for the beginning or average player to understand. 

"Playing Golf For Beginners" removes those obstacles.  It is written so that anyone can understand the strategies and put them to work! 


"Look At What My Previous Customers Say About
Playing Golf For Beginners!"


"This Is A Sport For Me"

"Hi Darren,

After I retired from professional sports, I decided to find a sport to play in my now ample time. I didn't want another coach or instructor..I just wanted to play golf and take it easy.

The problem was that I didn't know how to play golf and I hadn't tried it before. I then searched only for a guide to playing golf and your ebook just gave me that.

It has given me a thorough understanding of golf, especially in terms of proper set-up (address, grip) and swing. And took me from amateur to almost pro in less than I year. I now spend my time in my back yard (yes I have my own golf course) practicing and plingay at my own pace.

To anyone who wants to start playing golf, I gladly recommend your magnificent ebook and would advise that this is money very well spent.


Mr Jerry Baltimore


"I Have An Edge Over My Friends"

"Greeting Sir,

Me and my friends decided to start playing golf in our spare time. Non of us had played golf before, we all beginners. As we began playing I was the worse player out of all of them and it really made me feel bad.

I then decided to think ahead and get some golf training which then I came across your guide. All I can say is that your ebook did it for me. Reading your guide was like taking a class on golf. Not only am I a better skilled golfer, I am also a smarter golfer.

I now have an edge over my friends, and I'm not revealing where I got training from. I just want to enjoy this moment and beat them everytime we have a golf game.

All credit to your guide! 

A Big Thank You!

Calvin Evergreen


"Wonderful Golf Ebook"

"Hi Darren,

As a seasoned golf player, I figured that there was not much I could learn from a book since I had been playing golf for some time now.

My friend bought your ebook because he wanted to improve his golf game and I decided to go thru your ebook as well. To my surprise it turns out that I had missed a lot on the basics and I just needed to make a few minor adjustments to my swing and my clubs .

Its amazing how those small changes made a huge difference in my overall game. Reading your ebook was the second best decision I made regarding my golf career.

Many, many thanks for making all this great resource available for every golfer.

Wonderful Golf Ebook!

Weslie Reyes

Many People Don't Know Where To Start!

Don't be one of those people who spend a fortune in getting guidance. This ebook will not only save you time on doing the research needed, but also in your pocketbook.

What you should know that when starting to play golf is that the initial thing you have to work on in golf fitness is your flexibility.

This is because in order to execute your golf swing properly you have to develop the range of motions within your joints and muscles. With this ebook you will discover how to practice effectively, solve problems on the course and enjoy the game without breaking the bank!

But once you decide to get your copy today you will also receive these following bonus guides... 


Free Bonus #1   

How To Lower Your Golf Score

In all sports, it is essential that you warm up properly to attain the best performance.

If you go to any professional or even amateur sporting event, you will see competing athletes doing pre-game warm-ups.

Golfers, especially those in the professional level, are not different from them.

When tour professionals are about to begin their first tee, they would have made full warm-ups to be able to make their best swings.

However, most amateurs have their “warm-ups” done by racing from their autos to the shop and check in, then dashing to their first tee, in just about five minutes.

Most of the time, this is followed by an unsteady and inconsistent play for the first holes, ending up with another lackluster round. The result: Disappointing golf scores.

With this ebook you will get guidelines on lowering your golf score and help you improve your golf game in the quickest time possible.


Free Bonus #2

How To Improve Your Golf Swing

Driving the golf ball further isn’t about how hard you are swinging the club. 

There are so many factors that could be causing you not to have the ability to get the ball down the fairway.

You might have a curve in the ball and you cannot figure out how to straighten out the ball.  Could you imagine if you could just straighten out the shot how far the ball really would travel?

You Can Add More Distance to Your Golf Strokes...

Adding more distance to your shots means less par and a better game. No one wants to end up in the rough or the sand every time they play.

This will only cause you not to want to play the game. you can hit the ball properly and the problem may not even be in the way you are hitting the ball. You might have the perfect swing and still cannot drive the ball as far down the fairway as you would like to do.

Discover how to drive the ball more than 50 more yards on every shot when you read this ebook.


Free Bonus #3

Choosing A Golf Training Aid

You maybe on the verge to qualify for the PGA Tour, or it's just a weekend and you want to improve your score, which ever way it is, there will always be room to improving your golf game.

People who have been in the golf game for a long time have found some other means to help folks like you improve different aspects of their golf game.

One way of doing this is by using a number of training aids. These aids work in various ways. Some focus on improving your short game and putting, some assist in building the muscles needed in hitting the golf ball even further, and others concentrate in improving your swing.

As for a beginner golf player, choosing the ideal swing training aid can prove to be a daunting task, reason being there are a variety of products on the market designed to help you.

Knowing what kind of golf swing you need for your required training is very essential, because it will help you get the most out of your invested money. This ebook will help you in picking the right golf training aid.


Free Bonus #4

How To Get Paid Playing Golf

Can you really get paid to do something you enjoy doing? Yes you can...

A lot of golf players pickup their golf clubs, head to the golf course, muddle through a round of 18 holes, but never ever think they can get paid to do what they are doing right now.

On the other hand, there are those few golfers who are playing golf just like any body else but are getting paid for it, and not just from prize money.

Well you need to worry no more, because you too can join the elite folks who are making a living in playing the game of golf.

With this ebook you will discover how you can not only play your game, but also earn a living at the same time.

The information on this ebook will allow you to join the thousands of folks that are already making a fortune just by doing what they enjoy most, playing golf.


Free Bonus #5

Top Golf Courses And Resorts

Top Golf Courses And Resorts Around The World

You may be quite the golfer in your own neck of the woods, but how would you like to try your hand at a real challenge? Are you up for a great vacation as well?

If so, “Top Golf Courses and Resorts in the World” is perfect for you! With detailed information on some of the best resorts, you’re sure to find a great place to stay and practice your putting.

The next time you have time off from work, don’t waste it putting around your hometown golf course be lavish and luxurious at one of the best golf resorts in the world!

This e-book will show you:

  The best golf resorts in the world,

  Valuable information on where to stay,

  Where to eat and dine in style at the resorts,

  The top recommended resort hotels

 And the information you need to find the perfect golf resort for you!

You’ll also learn where to find out tee times and reservation information, absolutely free! That’s right! Everything you need to start planning your golf getaway is included right in this e-book.


How Much Is This Resource Worth To You?

You could spend a lot of time and a lot of money finding this information yourself. You could surf the internet or buy a different book, but why would you want to when we’re offering you everything you need to know for just $187.00? It’s a huge bargain when you think about it! But if you order today you will receive this ebook for only $37.00.

You will have this ebook delivered directly to your e-mail account for download where it’s available for you to read whenever you want to. No need to wait on the postman to deliver your book, we’ll bring it to you quicker!

This is a good enough, right? Not for someone who over-delivers like me! I decided to offer something unheard of. It's... 


  My Huge, Risk-Free 3-Month, 100%
Money-Back Guarantee

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If in 3 months the guidelines in my ebook don't help you improve your golf game simply send me an email and I'll cheerfully refund 100% your money..


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If You Serious About Playing Professional Golf
Then This Is Your Guide!

Golf is the one game that bridges perfectly the gap between the corporate world and the sports world. Loved by both the business and sports community alike, this great game has really become quite popular.

If you desire whatever the reason , business or sports, to quickly learn how to play the game of golf , you should first learn the fundamental principles and perfect them. 


"My Golf Game Is Improving"

"Hi Darren,

I wanted to email you and let you know that your ebook has put me on the right track in my golf game.

Being a women in a corporate world, I always felt left out whenever my colleges went out for a game of golf. I had no idea as to what golf was about, to me it was just plain Greek or college maths (hahaha).

Anyways, in a bid to be part of the boys, I decided to start learning golf and this guide was what I used to start my journey. The day I read your ebook I realized that I was also using the wrong clubs for some shots and that my clubs weren't right for me anyway.

I then adjusted my game to what your ebook says and all of a sudden I started playing better golf. My golf game is improving on every game I play. I now look forward to playing golf.

I highly recommend your ebook to all the corporate women out there.

Thank you!

 Sharon Litchfield


Nothing, Absolutely Nothing, Is Left Out!

If you too want to practice more effectively, improve your game, overcome some of the problems that people discover on the golf course and do much more to make your golf game enjoyable, then you will definitely benefit from  "Playing Golf For Beginners". So start improving your golf game now by getting your copy of this golf training guide...


  Today only $37 

Add To Cart! 

Grab your copy today and hit the course tomorrow! 

Best Regards,

Author of Playing Golf For Beginners

P.S. Every person who plays golf wants to shoot a low score, but they often find themselves with a handicap that hovers in a certain range for a long period of time.  It is rare that someone drastically improves his or her game just by playing more often. 

Practicing at a driving range may help, but you are caught in the quandary of having to self-asses what you are doing right and wrong.  When many golfers decide to take the game seriously, they should seek out professional instructors for private golf lessons and is the guide that you help you.

P.P.S. Although it seems that gripping a golf club may be the most elemental part of the golf swing, and maybe it is, it could also be the most important part of the swing.  Gripping the club too tight or too loose, gripping it the wrong way or in the wrong place, could throw off your entire swing.  Having an improper grip can greatly detract from the power and accuracy of the swing, and for the advanced golfer, it can hamper the way they try to shape a shot. So make sure you get proper training.

P.P.P.S. Finally, remember to have fun.  A day at the golf course is a long one, there is plenty that can go wrong from the very first tee box, but stay focused on why you are there – to enjoy the day and play a game.  It is a fun game to play, and even more fun when you are playing the game well, so remember to put in the hours of practice required to improve your game.  If you have not taken the appropriate measures to prepare yourself for success, then you should lower your expectations of your performance, and play just to enjoy the day with good company.

"The Next Step Is Yours"! Don't waste anymore of time, if you want to know everything about playing golf and bringing out your best on the golf course then don't let this guide pass you by. Simple click below and add this guide to your cart. Stop searching for incomplete information about being a good golfer and get your copy today!  


Yes, Darren! I Too Want To Start Playing Golf!

 Yes, I Want Instant Download To This Ebook!

 Yes, I Want It Now While It's Only $37!

 (Important) I understand that this is an electronic book (e-book) that is downloaded and delivered in PDF format not by mail. It can be read or printed out from any computer that has adobe reader (immediately after payment).

 I understand that this ebook will help me start on playing professional golf and improve my golf game.

And I understand that by making a one time investment I will receive the following golf ebooks:

Playing Golf For Beginners - Which will show me how to walk onto any golf course, at any time, with anyone watching and play the best, most relaxing golf round of my life with total confidence, authority, and flair.

How To Lower Your Golf Score - Which will give me guidelines to follow in lowering my golf score and play good golf.

How To Improve Your Golf Swing - Which will guide me on how to improve my golf swing so I can drive more than fifty yards.

Choosing A Golf Training Aid - Which will guide me on how to choose the right golf training aid and improve my swing.

How To Get Paid Playing Golf - Which will give me guidelines on how I too can get paid in doing something I enjoy doing.

Top Golf Courses And Resorts - Which is give me detailed information on some of the best golf resorts in the world where I can stay and practice my putting.

To join the thousands of professional golfers simply click below and make a one-time Investment.

You will then be redirected to the secure members area where you will get immediate access to download your "Playing Golf For Beginners" guide plus the golf bonus guide. Another copy will be sent
to your e-mail inbox.

Take Advantage Of This Discount Price And Get Your Copy Today!


[Option 1] - Playing Golf For Beginners

- Playing Golf For Beginners

- How To Lower Your Golf Score

- How To Improve Your Golf Swing

- Choosing A Golf Training Aid

- How To Get Paid Playing Golf

- Top Golf Courses And Resorts

Today Only $24.95

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[Option 2] - Playing Golf For Beginners

- Playing Golf For Beginners

- How To Lower Your Golf Score

- How To Improve Your Golf Swing

- Choosing A Golf Training Aid

- How To Get Paid Playing Golf

- Top Golf Courses And Resorts

Today only $37

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